Our quest is to deliver AI-driven intelligence, predictive analytics, user-friendly dashboards, and strategic investment frameworks. All designed to deliver synthesized and actionable insights to investors.

The core idea is to move away from the overwhelming and unstructured nature of current financial information systems and distribution channels. We are creating a solution, that not only presents data and information, but also interprets it in a way that’s tailored to the individual needs and interests of private investors.

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We envision a future, where financial well-being and stock market opportunity exists in a world of abundance and equality of opportunity for all. For that to happen private investors need, among other things, the right tools to information access and curation. We envision a world where it is just as normal for private citizens to invest in shares as it is for them to shop online.


Purpose & the workplace

We create structure, knowledge, and overview in a world of financial data excess. We help the user through timely, predictive and sensemaking data selection. We live in an era of information overload but only the dawn of the utilization of tools transforming that information data availability into knowledge and value for the user at the right time.

True teamwork allows space for the individual
We work as a team respecting each other’s strengths, weaknesses, boundaries, and preferences. We are all part of a unity. This unity forms a chain. Nobody breaks the chain.

Freedom and opportunity in exchange for self-discipline
We strive to give our absolute best for the company and its mission. We are given freedom and accepts the responsibility and burden this entails. Being the boss or being your own boss is not easy – we require and salute discipline.

Humor on our mission
Life or life’s work is not always funny. But when given the choice – strive to find the funny aspects.

Company values

Equality of opportunity:
Nobody should be left behind from financially ‘being in the know’ due to e.g. lack of information access.

Information transformed to knowledge through structure
Limit the destruction caused by information chaotic forces. We want the user to venture into the world of financial information and data with the confidence that overview and structure can provide.

Democratize the stock market
We strive to democratize the stock market through our offerings. We are not alone in this. We fully support and salute the ongoing wave of companies truly working to democratize the global stock market. This is an endeavor worth the salt.

Moving the needle on stock investment literacy

We offer a personalized AI-driven approach to investment insights and structure.

We not only only simplify the complexities of financial data but also empowers investors to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Our tool helps to significantly improve the understanding and skills related to stock market investment, leading to better-informed financial decisions and potentially broader positive economic and social impacts.

Our investment tool aims at  democratizing financial information for private investors.